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Human Potential is an amazing and inspiring truth. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality, within every individual there is vast potential for positive impact to our shared global community.
Human Potential is an amazing and inspiring truth. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality, within every individual there is vast potential for positive impact to our shared global community.

Positive impacts look different across regional and socio-economic divides, yet it’s the same spark that empowers a woman to increase productivity within the manufacturing plant she manages and a man to provide daily, clean burning fuel for his rural household. Our individual potentials are unleashed when exposed to inspiration and engaged with resources within our reach.

At AIT, we believe Digital Transformation is the catalyst for inspiration and resource realization across the developing world and frontier markets. Its counter-intuitive to believe that technology will unleash human potential within the most resource scarce and tech starved communities. But we see it happening. Our mission is to facilitate solutions that unlock the creativity, motivation, and achievement already contained within our fellow man. We believe the developing world is poised for global expansion.

There is no standardized definition of Digital Transformation. It’s easy to describe but difficult to define. Digital Transformation can be anything from optimizing public maintenance costs through wireless Smart Lighting solutions to reducing lung disease through replacement of household charcoal with subsidized, bar coded LPG canisters. Digital Transformation is about applying technology to meet needs and solve problems that eradicate human inefficiency, sustained suffering, and persistent poverty.


We believe every organization can be part of the fourth industrial revolution.No one should be left behind.This process starts with digital transformation. And we do this by connecting communities to global value through IOT, AI and Machine Learning.



We conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, ethics and transparency, and we are committed to do what is right and to do things right.


We treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness. We value diversity of gender, culture and perspectives and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


We support each other by listening, collaborating and respecting each other to achieve mutually beneficial results. We take every opportunity to learn as a team.


Behind our innovative products and services is a Team of Great People.

Ayman Gomaa
Chief Executive Officer

Ayman earned distinguished honors during his 20+ year career in the US Military, serving in more than 10 countries around the globe. He holds MBA and MA higher education degrees from the University of Maryland, and is regarded as a global thought leader in Digital Transformation.

Dr. Hesham Kamel
Chief Strategy Officer

Hesham has a PhD in Electrical Engineering: Telecommunication, and an MBA in Finance and Banking. He has 24 years of diversified experience in multiple countries and sectors including (mobile, fixed and whole-sale carriers), education & training as well as technical & management consulting.

Francois du Toit
Director – IoT Business Unit

Francois built multiple IoT LPWA networks globally and developed a diverse solution ecosystem. He has 10 years managerial, operational and technical experience in large scale IoT, Telecommunication and Utility projects. Francois has delivered technology solutions with a high level of customer satisfaction to a diverse client base in multiple continents.

Randy Stover
Chief Cyber Strategist

Randy served in the US Army for 22 years, the last 16 years in a Joint Special Operations Unit with over 30 deployments globally. He is a SIGNALS intelligence and Cyber operations subject matter expert and Founder of multiple technology companies in the Cyber operations and special operations markets. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree at Excelsior College.

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