Intro to Cyber Awareness

This Cybersecurity course provides students an introduction to Cyber Awareness and Cybersecurity by studying the basic elements of computers, networks, communications protocols and best practices to protect their sensitive data from attackers.

Cyber Awareness for Executives

This Cybersecurity course provides company executives and senior managers with a baseline of Cyber knowledge that gives them the confidence to engage with and have more informed conversations with IT and security professionals within their organizations. It also allows for an improved decision-making cycle while dealing with cyber issues in their companies, with their vendors or suppliers and any third-party security providers they may deal with.

Cyber Awareness for the Business Traveler

This Cybersecurity course is designed to help the business professionals protect their personal and corporate data while traveling. Topics include hardening their electronic devices against attacks, best practices for communications and methodologies used by adversaries to gain access to their devices, data and accounts.

Advanced Custom Courses Upon Request

AIT can build a curriculum that suits your organization’s needs.  Our Cybersecurity subject matter experts have real world experience with data protection, cyber targeting and remediation.

About the Trainer: Randy Stover

Served in the US Army for 22 years, the last 16 years in a Joint Special Operations Unit with over 30 deployments globally, retired in January 2009. SIGNALS Intelligence and Cybersecurity Operations Subject Matter Expert.Founder and CEO of multiple technology companies in the Cyber Operations and Special Operations markets.Bachelors Degree Excelsior College.Certified Cybersecurity trainer, and offered many Cybersecurity courses in different countries.Married with three children.

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Cybersecurity Trainer

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