Precision Irrigation Calculator

Without water, there is no life.

Smart Solutions

With the global demand for food growing, and the accessibility to freshwater resources declining, digital or data-driven farming is going to play a crucial role in how the future of agriculture will be shaped.

At Acacia Innovation Technology, we provide sustainable, smart solutions that not only benefit the environment and its natural resources, but also support 21st century farming by using data from existing sensor technologies, such as soil moisture sensors, to create smart prediction algorithms for simplifying irrigation planning.

A Win-Win Situation

The positive impact smart solutions will have on the environment is undisputable. However, for these technologies to be established in the long term, we understand that the farmer’s motivation needs to be beyond ‘just’ protecting natural resources. The benefit to the farmer needs to be equally, if not more, rewarding.

The Benefits of Precision Irrigation and Soil Moisture Sensors

Applying precision irrigation (using precise amounts of water to crops at precise locations within the soil profile at precise times) is essential to reach the optimum soil moisture level at the active root zone, which is so critical for crops.

But apart from irrigating smart, responsibly and economically, which additional benefits can farmers expect when implementing soil moisture sensors?

🠞 Save Water: Farmers often over-irrigate. This not only hurts the crops’ health; it also has a negative impact on the environment.

🠞 Save Energy: Irrigation systems work on energy to pump water; either electricity or fuel. Knowing precisely how much water is required optimizes the energy use.

🠞 Save Labor and Time: Checking the field manually will barely be necessary. By going digital, farmers can keep track of the irrigation status from their phone or computer.

🠞 Healthier Crops, Higher-Quality Harvest: The healthier the crop, the higher-quality the harvest. Over- as well as underwatering plants affects them negatively. By catering exactly to the plant’s needs, farmers can keep track of the ideal soil moisture requirements.

🠞 Increase in Yields: Optimizing soil moisture at the plant active root zone throughout its growth results in increased yield.

Calculate your Payback Period

Would you like to know how long it will take you to break-even on your investment in a precision irrigation solution? Acacia Innovation Technology has created the Precision Irrigation Calculator- a unique online tool, free of charge, providing you with an instant overview of the precision irrigation value potential.

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