Increase Agricultural Efficiency with IoT

Agriculture is the foundation of every community. Food shortage is a global challenge, and to alleviate this problem, we need to farm smarter to deliver more production. New trends in smart farming have a big impact on productivity and are assisting farmers in getting their products to consumers. Additionally, Simple Technology Application can be made available to all farmers. So the process of training and guiding community farmers through technology is our passion. Internet of things is the solution.


Precision Irrigation

Satellite-based Crop Monitoring

Building Energy Management

Traditional and even connected buildings have distributed Building Energy Management and security systems. In particular, HVAC is typically a standalone component, consuming a major portion of the building energy. Additionally, using technology of environmental sensors, IoT, coupled with AIT`s machine learning algorithms, can predict and control the building energy usage and doing so significantly reduce the cost of energy consumption.



Energy Dashboard

Advanced Analytics